From Projects to the President: Steve Wilmer's Trailblazing Journey in the Realm of Entrepreneurship

Nerds On Tap

Oct 17 2023 • 1 hr

Join us for Part 1 of a captivating two-part series, as we delve into the compelling journey of Steve Wilmer, who rose from the projects of Pensacola to become a thriving entrepreneur. Drawing from his time in the Marine Corps, law enforcement, and his successes at State Farm, Steve shares insights on embracing challenges, the transformative power of stepping outside one's comfort zone, and the strategic importance of technology and smart hiring in business. This candid conversation showcases Steve's unique blend of determination, resilience, and entrepreneurial wisdom, emphasizing the value of continuous learning and growth. Don't miss this riveting chat that promises inspiration and invaluable takeaways. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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Smarter Web

Special Guest:
Steve Wilmer, President, Risk Advisor Institute and Steve Speaks

Beers in Order of Appearance:

  1. Vibin' Groovable Lager
  2. Haileah Light Florida Lager

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