Beer Trivia with Suds: The Man Behind Nerds On Tap

Nerds On Tap

Mar 26 2024 • 45 mins

When life throws you a curveball, you improvise—just like we did when my nephew Jared Shoop, usually the man behind the curtain of 'Nerds On Tap,' took the hot seat for a riveting exchange that was anything but planned. The episode transmutes into an unexpected brew of laughter and trivia, as Jared conquers his camera shyness and reveals his face for the first time to our audience. Our spontaneous tête-à-tête journeys through his path to Digital Boardwalk, the thrill of producing our quirky podcast, and culminates in a beer trivia showdown that leaves us both a little wiser in the ways of hops and barley.

Memories are the bookmarks of our lives, and in this episode, we thumb through some personal chapters, from the hustle of meeting deadlines at Digital Boardwalk to the amusing tales of my technological awakening courtesy of a tech-savvy uncle. We share a toast to the past, recounting stories of family, a ballroom dance class that humbled me, and the shared adventures in Europe that brought us more than just souvenirs, but a deeper appreciation for cultural nuances and a good hamburger. Tune in for these heartfelt anecdotes and a crash course in beer lingo that might just make you the MVP of your next pub quiz night.

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