Do You Know Your Business Numbers with Michaela Smith

Rocky Mountain Marketing

Aug 31 2021 • 28 mins

Our guest this week is Michaela Smith. She is the owner of two great businesses the Karma Koaches and Meditation Nut. She started building her business at a very young age. She was lucky to have an A-team family that it became relatively easy for her to scale up. Of course, there are a lot of challenges along the way but her family has always been there to give her business advice.

It was such a colorful ride growing her business but she came to a point that she reached her "maximum". She felt like she should be doing some more. In September 2018 she posted her business for sale. She tried finding herself and her true passion. She wasn't into life coaching and business coaching even though most of the people she knew tells her she can be one.

She found herself doing meditation coaching. She got certified and started her two new businesses from there. Tune in to this week's episode and find out how she sold her business, and find her way into launching, not just one, but two businesses.

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