TCP058: From Mainstreet to the Metaverse: Inventors of the Hamburger To Launch NFT Collection

The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast

Jul 5 2022 • 37 mins

That’s right, you have found the Tech Chef Podcast. The one show out there you can count on for weekly insight, news and guests relating to the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industries.  This is your host, Skip Kimpel, and it is great that you joined the show today. Welcome back to all the faithful TCP listeners and for those of your listening for the first time, it is a great privilege to have you here today. This is one of those shows you don’t want to miss as it is weekly and if you don’t subscribe or follow it in your podcast software or service, it is easy to forget and then you will miss some great content so go ahead and subscribe or follow this show now. For those of our listeners from the United States, I hope all of you have a fantastic long weekend celebrating our great Country with 4th of July celebrations. I am hoping you all stayed safe and enjoyed your time with friends and family. This is one of my favorite times of the year. As a kid, this was the day that we celebrated my grandmother’s birthday and I always had great memories of this day over the years. From Main Street to the Metaverse… that is the theme of today’s show. When I saw this company pop up in the national news last week, I knew I had to get them on this show. I reached out to them and (Dani Kimble), CMO for (Menches Bros.) was just as exited to be on the show as I was to have her on. To understand the significance of this show you have know that this mom and pop hamburger restaurant, which has three units in Northeast Ohio, is the originator of the hamburger dating back to 1885…. That’s right, you heard me correctly and they have proof of that. Secondly, this little operation has taken on a NFT project that will take their company to a global level.  These web3 initiatives are no longer for the big boys out there…. Dani and (Menches Bros). are proving that anybody can play in this game. A friendly public service announcement: if you are listening to this show and the terminology web3, NFT or the metaverse are all foreign to you, push pause on this episode and go back and listen to (episode 51) where I talk with (Chad Horn) from (Devour) about these technologies an break them down one by one into digestible chunks of information. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program….. Our guest today, (Dani Kimble), is the descendant of the inventor of the hamburger. Raised in the restaurant industry, Dani found a real passion for the marketing side of the business. Later in life, she pursued a career in marketing, eventually rising to be Chief Marketing Officer for an insurance firm – and always remained closely connected and ingrained in the family’s brand, story, and business. Dani now has her own marketing consulting company and works directly with Menches Bros. Restaurants on digital marketing and web3 strategy. She is the founder of the (Lil Mench NFT project), partnering with (Metaversal venture studio) to expand her family’s restaurants into the metaverse. Make sure you listen to this one all the way through to the end as you don’t want to miss any of what Dani has to say and closes with some advice to all of you who are thinking about including web3 initiatives in your marketing plan. I wanted to be one of the first people to help her spread the word about what she is doing and how she is doing it. I promise all of you that I will keep in touch with Dani and fill all of you in along the way to share what they will learn as a company. How To Contact...