FUMS 088 - Psychedelic Experiences, Frogs, and MS - with Neurobiologist Caitlin Thompson

FUMS: Giving Multiple Sclerosis The Finger

Sep 7 2021 • 36 mins

I, like many of us, have been watching with interest the current research into the potential benefits of psychedelics in the treatment of depression - because, obviously, depression is pretty common when you're dealing with a life-changing MS diagnosis!

Maybe like me, you asked yourself, "Hmmm. I wonder if anyone has been looking into its potential usage for chronic illnesses like MS?"

Well, guess what?!

Neurobiologist Caitlin Thompson is an independent scientific researcher studying the potential of psychedelic compounds as a novel approach to the treatment of autoimmune conditions. During her healing process from Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, PTSD, pain, and a plethora of other autoimmune symptoms, Caitlin became fascinated with the potential of using psychedelic substances to treat and relieve autoimmune and chronic health conditions. She is also an active practitioner and educator of Kambo, a traditional Amazonian medicine.

Please note

It should be noted that much of the research so far is anecdotal at best, and there remain a number of questions that need to be answered about efficacy, safety, and the long-term effects. However, this is potentially a really interesting area for further study.

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