FUMS 091 - Move It Or Lose It with MS Specialist Fitness Trainer Kathy Chester

FUMS: Giving Multiple Sclerosis The Finger

Oct 19 2021 • 43 mins

“Which part of our body are you ok with losing?” - this is the question that fitness trainer Kathy Chester will sometimes ask her clients.

Prior to opening Disrupt Fitness Gym, Kathy had been a leader in the fitness industry for almost a decade. However, it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that she decided the time had come to take it to the next level.

Having MS while being an instructor has allowed Kathy to not only push past places she'd been told she would never physically reach but has provided her with the gift of offering encouragement while working through different adversities with her clients.

And why did she choose the name “Disrupt” for her gym? Well, that’s because she’s disrupting the idea of what we can and cannot do with MS and related autoimmune conditions. In other words, she says FUMS every day!

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • How Kathy relished speaking to groups in her former life as the wife of a pastor - and why she used humor to cover her initial MS symptoms
  • How a huge relapse coincided with the end of her first marriage and the ways in which Kathy handled dating with MS
  • Why she decided to change her fitness practice to focus on helping people with autoimmune conditions - and the reason Kathy decided to stop training in other venues and begin working with clients in her garage
  • Why Kathy’s fitness practice is as much about emotions as it is about movement
  • The difficulties of running a business (and getting paid) within the autoimmune community
  • Why Kathy decided to launch her own podcast and where you can find out more about her and her work

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