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Providend’s Money Wisdom podcast is an original podcast by Providend Ltd. In each episode, your hosts, Isaac Ong or Christopher Tan, will be joined by an expert guest as they discuss popular wealth topics to share their money wisdom with you. We hope to guide you in navigating through the minefields of misinformation and false promises in order to achieve financial security and peace of mind. New episodes would be published every Monday morning at 8am. So follow us on your favourite podcast platform or subscribe to our weekly newsletter to never miss any episodes. Music courtesy of ItsWatR. read less
S2E34: Why Does Providend Work with Dimensional Fund Advisors?
Nov 20 2023
S2E34: Why Does Providend Work with Dimensional Fund Advisors?
At Providend, we've always advocated an evidence-based approach when investing your money and do not attempt to time the market. One might assume that, as long as you invest your money this way, you would be in good shape. However, another crucial piece of the puzzle is using the right instrument with the right investment manager. This was why Providend decided work with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) to enhance the investment experience for our clients.In this week's Money Wisdom episode, our Head of Investment, Chye Hsern, is joined by Dr. Marlena, Global Head of Investment Solutions at DFA, to delve deeper into the DFA approach to managing their funds, ultimately benefiting our clients who will have peace of mind in their investment journey.You can also read more about Chye Hsern's thoughts on active investing that adds value to the client here -, stay tuned for our next episode where we compare the pros and cons of investing in properties vs equities!The host of this episode, Cheng Chye Hsern, is the Head of Investment at Providend, the first fee-only wealth advisory firm in Southeast Asia and a leading wealth advisory firm in Asia. Learn more about Chye Hsern’s wealth insights here.View the full list of podcast episodes published: Music courtesy of ItsWatR.