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Money Confidence - Timeless Advice

Money Confidence

Dec 21 2022 • 19 mins

On this episode Sarah shares some timeless advice from some notes she had written after reading some self-help books when she had finished University in her 20s.


Fear will never go away as long as you continue to grow.

Over 90% of what we worry about never happens. We create our own reality.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.

Believe it can be done. Never give up. Help each other.

Think for yourself.

Never look back. You can't change the past. Learn from it.

Regrets weigh you down.

Good and quiet doesn't mean weak.

Sometimes you need space to think.

Live life to the full.

Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.

If you haven't made any mistakes lately you must be doing something wrong.

Be patient with yourself.

The most important investment you can make is in yourself.


Sarah is a Chartered Financial Adviser and Certified Financial Coach and Georgia is a Senior Paraplanner. Together, they have over 20 years experience in financial services and are on a mission to educate others about money in a fun and non-jargon way. They will help you master your finances and money mindset so that you feel more confident with money and the decisions you make around money. They talk all things money from investments, pensions and benefits to your mindset around money and steps you can take to improve your relationship with money. They aim to make it fun, educational and are with you every step of the way. Together, you've got this!

The information given in this podcast is for your entertainment and should not be construed as financial advice. No liability can be accepted for any individuals relying on this information without seeking specific advice and guidance. As always, take independent financial advice before making any investment decisions. Our discussions are based on tax and legislation in England which may change.







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