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Money Confidence - The Mini-Budget And The Falling Pound

Money Confidence

Oct 5 2022 • 14 mins

On this episode of the Money Confidence podcast, I talk about the Mini-Budget, what it means for you, why the pound is falling and how a falling pound may affect you.


On Friday 23rd September the Chancellor (Kwasi Kwarteng) delivered his Mini-Budget, which sent the pound falling to a record low against the dollar.

I summarise the main tax cuts announced in the Mini-Budget as well as the potential tax savings.

On Monday 26th September the pound fell to it's lowest level against the dollar of $1.03. This was because of the large tax cuts announced in the Mini-Budget by the UK government, which is to be paid for by borrowing billions of pounds.

I discuss 5 ways the falling pound may affect you, including more expensive trips abroad, higher prices of goods and services and higher repayments for some mortgages.

Forecasts are predicting that interest rates will hit 6% by November. This will lead to increases in people's mortgage repayments who are on a tracker or variable rate, which is around 2 million people in the UK. Those coming to the end of their fixed rate or looking to buy for the first time will have fewer and more expensive deals to choose from.

Fixed rate mortgages depend on interest rate expectations as well as the rate today, which is why lenders are withdrawing mortgage deals in order to re-price them.

Since recording this episode, the Chancellor has done a U-turn and will NOT abolish the 45% tax rate. The pound bounced back but it is still weak against the dollar and euro and some economists predict it will go back down.


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