One Hit Thunder


Join musician Chris Fafalios (Punchline, Another Cheetah, Pack) as he listens to different one hit wonders with a revolving door of guests (including his bandmates and/or people from bands that he has toured with). After listening to the back catalog of the week's artist, they decide if the artist is a one hit blunder (shouldn't have had any success) or brought the one hit thunder (deserved to be much bigger than they were). read less

Our Editor's Take

On the One Hit Thunder podcast, Chris Fafalios investigates the artists behind some of the most famous "one-hit wonders." Songs like "More Than Love" and "Play That Funky Music" appear on countless playlists. People hear them so often that they know the lyrics by heart. They sing along with gusto. But whatever happened to the bands that made them popular? Why doesn't anyone listen to the rest of their discography?

As a musician with several bands, Chris knows how to talk about music. He knows what makes a song great and what does not. In each episode of One Hit Thunder, Chris brings on guests to help him analyze an artist's music. Mike Soboslai talks about Tom Cochrane, the man behind "Life is a Highway." This song defines the feeling of speeding along a long road through the countryside. Yet, he never reached rock star fame. The pair share their theories on why that's the case.

On another podcast episode, Matt Jurcevich and Chris share their disappointment over the rap group Cypress Hill. There's no question that their song, "Insane in the Brain," is a favorite. Many of their albums did well. But "Insane in the Brain" remains the only one to make it onto the Top 20 of the Billboard charts.

Listeners will hear Chris share the history of the artists of their favorite songs. At the end of each episode, Chris and his guest decide whether the song deserves its acclaim. Will they agree with his judgments? The podcast shares its passion for "one-hit wonders" with fellow music lovers. New episodes of One Hit Thunder drop each week.

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