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the UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast - the Journey Begins
UNENDERS: The Lasting Legacy of DIGGERSUNBRANDED and UNBRIDLED: Living and Leading the Maverick WayUNENDERS: The Lasting Legacy of BELIEVERSUNENDERS: the Lasting Legacy of RECORDERSUNENDERS: the Lasting Legacy of PAINTERSCARING CURIOSITY: Get in the FlowUNENDERS: the Lasting Legacy of MENTORSUNENDERS: the Lasting Legacy of PUSHERSUNENDERS: When it's all Said but Never Really Donethe Best PIVOT is an Inside Job
This episode explores the overused term but sometimes underappreciate journey of "the Pivot." Whirling from stability to following a dream and recalibrating when the world throws you curve balls like COVID. Join us, my friend and business partner Amanda Macdougall and myself for this UNCORK Conversation with former CTV News reporter, anchor, journalist, creator, and founder of Buff Mom, BUFFnation, and Delish by Design Leslie Gordon Christie. We often love the idea of being uncommodified, but how do you break free from the chains of routine, stability and sameness? Well … you do it, Leslie style and: admit that sometimes you talk yourself out of the success you should be experiencing. You change your mindset and don't let the tragedy you see and report on become a wearying burden. You hire a coach and get your life in line with your values. You get clear about what needs you "right now" and what needs your resounding "no." You water the seeds of who really are and let them grow. You watch who you're getting advice from. You realize that meditation is the "helper" that enables and prepares you to balance your internal and outer worlds. You get really lucky … and understand that luck is, as Seneca said, what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. And you use thankfulness and gratefulness to release and realize your and others better now and better future.  So, pour a warm lemon water or lemon ginger tea … or any other lemony beverage you can think of and let's ignite this fiery conversation.Tim Windsorthe UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast – Host & Guidetim@theuncommodified.comPRODUCER: Kris MacQueenTECHNICAL EDITOR: Alyne GagneMUSIC BY: https://themacqueens.ca/
Mar 2 2022
44 mins
Reasonable Seasonal ExpectationsBLOW YOUR FEARS AWAY: the Secret Power of Your Nervous Farts
This episode is entitled "BLOW YOUR FEARS AWAY: the Secret Power of Your Nervous Farts." It's an UNCORK Conversation with media specialist, television broadcaster, news writer, and FEAR FACER Natasha McKenty. Natasha and I chat and chin wag about living life uncomfortably, facing our fears, and using your platform and your gifts to inspire and encourage others along the way.As we dip and dive into our terrors and tears, Natasha shares her personal and professional journey from being terrified of crowds and speaking in public to being in front of crowds and the camera and "going public" for the sake of others. Natasha encourages you to find an audience for the good news stories and look for the helpers because good news soothes the soul.Our conversation explores how she found her healing by exposing herself to others who have overcome. We chat about how we need to learn to be comfortable in fear or let it stop us from achieving our dreams and goals. And that if you get past the fear, you will find the rush. The First step is the hardest. Then baby steps. Focus on where you are. Get your eyes on something inspiring. Go over the wall of your fear, repel down it and nervous fart all the way down if you need to because nobody's listening anyway.Natasha challenges you and me to "do it scared" and inspire others. And Let people inside your fear. Let them see you press into it and through it because it makes us all more human.So, pour a glass of wine, have a drink with us and take the first step. Don't overthink it. Don't look down. Go over the edge of your fear with us for your sake and for the sake of inspiring others.Tim Windsorthe UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast – Host & Guidetim@theuncommodified.comPRODUCER: Kris MacQueenTECHNICAL EDITOR: Alyne GagneMUSIC BY: https://themacqueens.ca/
Feb 16 2022
55 mins
This episode is an UNCORK Conversation with Cam Shapansky, a social sector fundraising and program development advocate, thought leader, and an old friend of mine. Cam is the Founder and CEO of Blue North, a fundraising and strategy group that works with Non-profit Organizations around the world, helping them improve their programs, raise more money, and do more great work for others.Cam and I reflect on what the privilege of working internationally, in other cultures over the past quarter-century, has taught us about life and leadership. We pour some tequila and Mezcal and share some battlefield stories that have informed and instructed us over the years, experiences and encounters that have taught us that we are bigger and build better when we listen first and well to the wisdom in the room or the wisdom in the hut.We muse about the fact that we are most likely "dumb-as-a-stump" until we sit on a stump under a tree and listen and learn from village elders and battle-scarred helpers.We reflect on how easy it is to dishonour without knowing, and that bestowing honour begins with reserving judgement.I share with Cam the wisdom I learned on a visit to an Ontario winery that transformed how I worked with Political and Social Leaders in other nations: the wisdom of grafting my experience and knowledge onto cultural root systems in the countries and cultures that I had the privilege to work in.Cam shares some powerful ideas about how impactful communication is empowered by SIMPLICITY, and by crafting and communicating our message "OUTSIDE IN."Our hair has surely diminished over the years, but we have grown as men and mentors, as we have wandered, wondered, and grown wiser along the way.Tim Windsorthe UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast – Host & Guidetim@theuncommodified.comPRODUCER: Kris MacQueenTECHNICAL EDITOR: Alyne GagneMUSIC BY: https://themacqueens.ca/
Feb 5 2022
50 mins
LOAD & LIGHTS: RV Life & Leadership Lessons # 2LISTEN WITH YOUR FINGERSHaile Selassie: Bigger. More. Greater. and Larger for OthersTENACIOUSLY PATIENT: Unleashing the Wisdom of Hurry & Waitthe GIVE. the TAKE. and the GET.the 4 GIFTS: what People Really Want from their Leaders for Christmasa Curious Man. a Consensus Building Mayor. an UN-POLITICIAN.
This episode is entitled "a CURIOUS Man. a CONSENSUS Building Mayor. an UN-POLITICIAN who Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer." it's an UNCORK Conversation hosted by Kris MacQueen (my Podcast Producer) with Cam Guthrie, the Mayor of one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, Guelph, Ontario. In this UNCORK conversation, Kris and Cam (and myself: eavesdropper and occasional interrupter in this episode) poke and prod into the mysterious world of politics and politicians. And as we do, we push into ideas like ... What you can learn when you lose. How curiosity and open-mindedness make all the difference. And the importance of living and leading with "NO REGRETS." We talk about How to find a "hill to die on" without "killing people" on your way to the top. And about The cost and payoff of meaningful engagement as a leader. We explore the power of Social Media and the boundaries that make it sustainable and healthy for you and others. And how a bit of levity and a proactive "thanks for caring enough to show up" conversation will break the harshness that can live within the rigorous debate and disagreements that will come from passionate people trying to be great and do great things for others.Along the trails and rabbit trails in this Conversation, Cam … Mr. Mayor … Cam encourages us to understand the power of Authentic thankfulness and challenges and encourages you to understand that:You don't have to go to University or College to be a continual learner. BUT YOU DO NEED TO BE CURIOUS & ADMIT YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING.And that there is one bad "political behaviour" that always causes politicians to not give their attention to the right thing for the right reason. Cam challenged us, and I am sure he will challenge you to understand and believe that Democracy is BIGGER than YOU and ME ... and even HIM.You will need a drink and a pad of paper for this one. Got it; let's get really UN-Political and UNCORK this one right now.Tim Windsorthe UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast – Host & Guidetim@theuncommodified.comPRODUCER: Kris MacQueenTECHNICAL EDITOR: Alyne GagneMUSIC BY: https://themacqueens.ca/
Dec 14 2021
57 mins