142 | Do Your Priorities Align To Your Goals Align To Your Core Values?

The Greatness Machine

Oct 21 2022 • 22 mins

Where we spend our time represents what we actually care about, regardless of what we say our goals and priorities are. Prioritizing helps you decide what you need to do, what you don’t need to do, and when you should focus. Priorities are concerns, interests, or desires that come before anything else. But what does your life look like according to your priorities?  Unfortunately, when the thin line between need and want gets blurred, we often get carried away and forget the things that matter most in life. We go from place to place, switch after one task and another, and get lost in the cycle of busyness. Today, I am flying solo to share my personal realization about the importance of setting priorities and how to do it when everything feels important. In this episode, I will talk about how I reached my goal for this year and what I plan to achieve in 2023. I will also discuss how goal-setting, prioritizing, and time-blocking can help one achieve success in both life and work. Topics include: How to set your top priorities in life What made me reassess my priorities Why it is important to make time for yourself Aligning priorities with core values What I did to hit my goal of reading 22 books this year What my goal is for 2023 And other topics… Connect with Darius: Website: https://therealdarius.com/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dariusmirshahzadeh/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whoompdarius/ YouTube: https://therealdarius.com/youtube Book: The Core Value Equation https://www.amazon.com/Core-Value-Equation-Framework-Limitless/dp/1544506708 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices