S1E2 - Your unique strengths as an event host with Solon Teal

Friendship Futurism

Aug 2 2021 • 56 mins

We talk about how to create true-to-yourself gatherings in the online world that make people go “wow”, why some people are open and others are closed, how communities are both selfish and selfless, loneliness and novelty in the internet age, how not to be a relationship freeloader, the future of diversity of thought in online spaces, and so much more. Check out Solon's startup at talk.social


02:18: Talk Social

04:54: I tried 21 diet and exercise programs. None of them worked. Except for one.

05:56: The Acceleration of Addictiveness

08:45: Westworld

11:54: Yo-Yo Ma

13:20: The Art of Gathering

17:38: Relationship Freeloading

18:48: Gather Town

31:11: Bowling Alone

32:23: The Milgram Experiment

40:54: What's The Point If We Can't Have Fun

47:54: Independence Day

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