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Martha Savloff, Dr Marty Nalda, Dr Donna Pontoriero

Inspire seeks to empower and motivate people to achieve their weight loss and body image goals in a compassionate, client centered environment, while teaching sustainable lifestyle changes creating a personal culture of optimal health.

Founder, Martha Savloff, felt compelled to help others after achieving success through her own weight loss transformation. Today, she works to promote her message of empowerment to our community and beyond as she expands her concept through franchising across the Country.

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* We are not licensed medical professionals. The information shared on this podcast is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional for personalized guidance regarding medical issues.

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EP#9 Uncovering the Dangers of Popular Weight Loss Medications and Exploring Healthier Alternatives
Jun 14 2024
EP#9 Uncovering the Dangers of Popular Weight Loss Medications and Exploring Healthier Alternatives
Can weight loss medications be doing more harm than good? Join us on "Get Inspired, Stay Inspired" as we uncover the shocking side effects of popular prescription drugs like semaglutides. Coach Martha, Dr. Marty and Dr. Donna reveal the hidden dangers, including nausea, vomiting, pancreatitis, and even thyroid tumors for semaglutides, and insomnia, increased heart rate, and potential heart and lung damage. We promise you'll gain critical insights into the severe health risks these medications pose, making you reconsider if they're worth the gamble.Discover why prescription drugs alone may not be the magic bullet for sustainable weight loss. Coach Martha, Dr. Marty and Dr. Donna discuss the high relapse rates and lack of behavioral change components necessary for long-term success. Highlighting the Reveal Lifestyle Program, they show how continuous health coaching, sustainable nutritional plans, and personalized insights can offer a healthier, more effective route to weight management. Hear personal experiences that underscore the importance of comprehensive programs over quick fixes.Explore the financial and ethical ramifications of the weight loss industry. We contrast the high costs and significant side effects of medications like semiglutide with the holistic approach of the Inspire to Maintain program, which supports long-term weight management through personalized guidance on diet, stress management, sleep, and holistic practices like prayer and meditation. Learn about the impact on diabetic patients who face medication shortages, and why natural, sustainable weight loss methods are not just better for your wallet but for your overall well-being. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on making ethical choices in your weight loss journey.
Ep #8: Empowering Strategies for Genuine Health without Prescription Drugs
Mar 22 2024
Ep #8: Empowering Strategies for Genuine Health without Prescription Drugs
Embark on a journey of discovery with us, as Jeremy Wolf and I tackle the critical issue of misusing diabetic injections for weight loss and offer you a holistic blueprint for sustainable health. The quest for a leaner physique is riddled with quick fixes and shortcuts, but the risks they pose to metabolism and muscle mass are too great to ignore. Peeling back the layers of this worrisome trend, we shed light on how such practices can lead to a damaging cycle of weight gain and the often-overlooked importance of nurturing your body correctly. As someone who has seen the effects firsthand, I bring cautionary tales from the healthcare frontline, emphasizing that true well-being isn't just about shedding pounds—it's about feeding your body and soul with what they genuinely need.In an era where fad diets and temporary solutions are the norms, we're thrilled to share our experiences with Inspire Weight Loss, which boasts an impressive 89% success rate in helping clients achieve lasting change without the crutch of prescription hormones. Hear about the shift towards empowering people with the knowledge to eat smart and boost their metabolism naturally. As we build up the excitement around Oprah's latest health strategy and our own success in content creation and event promotion, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of health influencers. And as we anticipate future collaborations, we're more motivated than ever to expand our impact, guiding our listeners toward a lifestyle that's not just effective, but authentically enriching. Join us for an episode that's as informative as it is inspiring, where the only thing you'll lose is the weight of misconceptions about health and wellness.To get your journey started, visit:  https://inspireweightloss.com/or contact: (954) 837-8811