Conversations with Joan 8-14-22

Conversations with Joan Podcast

Aug 15 2022 • 51 mins

Paul Napper, PhD: The Power of Agency

The fast pace of today’s world is creating a silent epidemic that’s impacting our physical and emotional well-being. According to Dr. Paul Napper, our accelerated lifestyles, always-on technology, and ever-increasing job demands have created a tsunami of overwhelm and anxiety. Dr. Napper warns that we’ve lost our agency, which is the ability to deal with stress and act as an effective agent for ourselves. Dr. Napper leads a management psychology practice. He has held an advanced fellowship during a three-year academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and is the co-author of the book The Power of Agency: The 7 Principles to Conquer Obstacles, Make Effective Decisions, and Create a Life on Your Own Terms.

Gary Chapman: The Five Love Languages

Based on the concept that each one of us has a primary love language, which when spoken fills up our emotional “love tanks,” Dr. Chapman helps us identify, understand, and speak a partner’s primary love language: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. According to Dr. Chapman, if we can learn that and choose to do it, then the love we share will be exciting beyond anything we ever felt when we were infatuated. Dr. Gary Chapman is the author of The Five Love Languages.

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