Conversations with Joan 6-19-22

Conversations with Joan Podcast

Jun 20 2022 • 51 mins

Alan Stein, Jr: Sustain Your Game

Many self-help resources focus on the step-by-step process of goal setting, but very few focus on what comes after a goal is achieved. According to Alan Stein, Jr., “If you want to remain a champion, you must level up what you did to become a champion. Alan discusses how the highest performers in sports and business have been able to create long-term success while simultaneously managing unparalleled pressure and stress. Alan is an internationally renowned veteran basketball performance coach, who spent more than 15 years working with high performing athletes such as NBA superstars Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant.  Alan served as a performance consultant for Nike Basketball, Jordan Brand, and the McDonalds All-American Game. He is the author of the book, Sustain Your Game: High Performance Keys to Manage Stress, Avoid Stagnation, and Beat Burnout.

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