Anni Townend in Conversation with Gill Whitty-Collins, Author, Speaker, Consultant and Coach

Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

Feb 10 2021 • 29 mins

The unconscious bias of the boardroom and why men win at work with Gill Whitty-Collins

Anni talks to the inspirational Gilly Whitty-Collins, author of Why Men Win at Work to discuss deep-rooted, invisible discrimination and how we can change it.

Gill reveals what led her to become a passionate champion for gender equality. She admits that for most of her life she wasn’t really as aware of, or affected, by gender bias. In fact, Gill’s first experience of gender inequality wasn’t until she reached Senior Vice President Level and was surrounded by men and the “unconscious bias” of the boardroom.

It was then that she realised women are often held back at work, particularly in the senior roles dominated and dictated by male culture. She set about to understand the what and the why behind these dominant structures, and how she could make a difference.

In this fascinating Leaders in Conversation episode, Gill discusses:

  • Stepping up into a senior role in a male dominant culture
  • The impact of being heard but not listened to as a woman
  • Why some women in leadership roles fall victim to “feminist phobia” and shy away from conversations about equality
  • The power of invisible culture and the limiting impact of a dominant culture when minorities are not represented
  • Why men, who hold 90% of leadership roles in the UK, are critical to driving change
  • Why discomfort, difference of opinion and diversity of thought are critical
  • The Jacinda Arden affect - how we are redefining what leadership looks like in today’s world

Gill talks further about her book Why Men Win at Workwhich she is keen to clarify is not a “cynical attack” of men’s success in the workplace, but an exploration of the topic. As a result, the book has attracted a lot of male readers also keen to further understand the impact of gender and success. The book looks at the unconscious and psychological reasons that both men and women continue to push the patriarchy and how together, we can change things.

Gill has a simple call to action for you: “Read it and become a feminist. Become one of my feminists. I've got lots out there. Embrace the cause and embrace it, not as a charity, but as business. Embrace it as something that will be good for your life and good for your business. And embrace that diversity is better, equal is better. “

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