Anni Townend in Conversation with Fi MacMillan, Founder of Wild Leadership

Leaders in Conversation with Anni Townend

Sep 8 2021 • 29 mins

For the Leaders in Conversation Podcast episode 23, Anni talks to Fi Macmillan, adventurer, coach, supervisor, entrepreneur and founder of Wild Leadership.

“Life is the most blessed experiment. So let's experiment and see what happens.”

As a leadership coach, Fi specialises in helping her clients to connect through nature and what she defines as “outdoor intelligence”.  She talks to Anni about what this means and what inspired her own love of the outdoors.

Fi recalls fondly how nature grounded her through difficult times as a child and why she reconnected to the outdoors later in life. Motivated by a break-up, her then young children, an energetic dog and a new zest for adventure.

This nature reconnection has transformed her approach to leadership and her work with clients. Sharing her experience of finding space in the outdoors to work on self development, she reveals: “When we step over the threshold outside, something really different happens in our bodies at an unconscious level: we tune in, relax, our minds work better. If you step out by yourself, you will move much more deeply into connection with the natural world because you're alone.”

Listen to the podcast to discover:

  • How nature connection can drive profound changes in both the mind and body
  • Using adventure or time outdoors to shift perspectives
  • Learning to connect to the changes that want to emerge within us and within our teams and organisations
  • The power of being alone in nature to develop deeper connection and focus
  • Self confidence and showing up as a leader
  • How to bring adventurous spirit to the everyday by embracing daily freedoms and daily choices
  • The benefits of wholehearted living

Fi also reveals the most common challenges that senior leaders come to her with. And she shares three tips we can all use to raise our outdoor intelligence.

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To find out more about Wild Leadership, including details of Fi’s coaching, supervision and leadership programmes visit wildleadership.co.uk