S3 Episode 3: Sue Walter former CEO of family members club, Maggie and Rose

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Apr 7 2021 • 48 mins

In this episode, we spoke to Sue Walter who is the former CEO of Maggie and Rose, London's first and best-loved family members club.

Sue is no stranger to Member’s clubs, having been the CEO of the Hospital Club where we met back in 2011.

The Hospital Club was a club for creatives and was founded by Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen and Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics. It opened in 2004 and sadly closed in 2020.

Sue has had a diverse and interesting career having started in HR with the Metropolitan Police before being the HR Director at the Royal Opera House, worked for Universal Music, and joined the Hospital Club for the first time in 2002. She’s also worked in the Education sector and was Group CEO of the Coppa Club before joining Maggie and Rose at the end of 2019.

Sue is an amazing and inspirational leader and we had a lot to talk about including:

  • The Maggie and Rose concept
  • Adapting to the pandemic
  • Developing a digital platform in 4 days
  • Using the learnings from the pandemic
  • Rapid product development by knowing your audience
  • How the Maggie & Rose staff adapted to the changes?
  • How  junior members respond
  • Options for keeping the digital offering post-pandemic
  • Sue's choose to challenge for International Women's Day (her answer will surprise you)
  • The roles mentors have played in Sue's career
  • Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen's influence
  • Do women make better leaders and better boardroom decisions?
  • Diversity of thought and the 2 tribes
  • Why Sue believes we need men at the table to solve gender equality
  • Advice for Gen Y, Gen Z and Gen Alpha
  • Sue's favourite memory of the Hospital Club
  • The secret of a great member's club
  • The best piece of advice she’s ever received
  • Advice you have for her 19-year old son
  • Who inspires Sue and why?
  • Challenges as we move out of lockdown
  • Learning how to relate to each other again
  • The best use of technology during the pandemic
  • Managing a good work/life balance in 2021
  • Sue’s biggest hope for 2021
  • What Sue is reading at the moment
  • 3 pieces of practical advice

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What sue is currently reading: The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov

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