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Win Multiple Offer Situations - Advanced Strategies
Jun 9 2022
Win Multiple Offer Situations - Advanced Strategies
In the last year we’ve evaluated over 400 offers on our listings and our customers’ listings. This is what WE look at outside of the basics of offer price as sellers, not just as agent reps. When buying a home in Jacksonville, FL have these strategies in your pocket to make sure you WIN the offer, and save some gas while searching for a home. Strategy #1: The agent, brokerage and lender you choose does matter. Agents: When you have a lot of experience selling homes, you know which agents are flaky, most top agents and builders have whats called a DNP List or (Does Not Perform). When looking at multiple offers, if someone has a history of backing out or flaking out, it’s a red flag. Brokerages: Some low-fee brokerages are not able to handle the training volume required to maintain top tier agents, (usually flat fee 100% commission types) this usually translates to higher binder and broker disputes, not a win-win. We prefer to work with the higher pedigree brands of brokerages. Not to say there are not great agents at some of these brokerages, STATISTICALLY they have more brokerage issues than others. Lenders: This does matter. We know who are instagram pros and who are REAL pros that underwrite and research the customers before sending them out with a pre-approval. Strategy #2: Net to seller matters In Northeast Florida it is customary for the seller to pay the majority of the Title related closing costs. Around 1-2% of the sales price. Closing costs increases net to seller without increasing risk of appraisal hitting value. Strategy #3: Remove Noise Be up front about what you want and remove risk. TONS of agents are writing multiple offers at the same time which creates noise for sellers. Do everything you can to remove that noise.