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Welcome to "Side Hustle by Creators", the podcast that takes you on a journey through the world of side hustles. Join us as we explore the stories of creators who have turned their passions into profitable side businesses. In each episode, we sit down with a new creator to hear about their journey and discover the strategies and tactics they've used to grow their side hustle. From solopreneurs and content creators to designers and engineers. Whether you're looking to start your own side hustle or just want to learn from the best, "Side Hustle by Creators" has something for everyone. read less


Building a Design Agency and Launching Side Products as a Designer (+Developer)
Jun 24 2023
Building a Design Agency and Launching Side Products as a Designer (+Developer)
Welcome to Side Hustle by Creators, the podcast that uncovers the secrets behind the side hustles and entrepreneurial journeys of creators. In our first episode, we dive into the inspiring story of Sanju, the founder of Thisux, a subscription-based design agency. Join us as we explore Sanju's side hustle adventures and discover how he transformed his passion for design into two thriving SaaS products: and In this episode, you'll enjoy 4 amazing insights on: How to start a design agency? Sanju shares practical advice and precautions for aspiring entrepreneurs. How you can generate innovative ideas for SaaS products and test if it will work or not? How you can learn design and development to create your own products? How to leverage AI to build exceptional products and discuss the endless possibilities that arise from this powerful technology? If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a design enthusiast seeking inspiration, this episode is a must-listen. Join Sanju and your host as they unravel the secrets to starting a successful side hustle, leaving you inspired to embark on your own creative journey. Connect with Sanju and explore his products: Thisux AbogrowSticai Stay updated with Sanju's latest ventures at . Get ready to be inspired and motivated by his incredible story and entrepreneurial wisdom. Don't miss out on our future episodes packed with valuable knowledge! Follow Side Hustle by Creators to stay updated on the latest releases. For frequent updates on new episodes, connect with me, the host, on LinkedIn. Together, let's embark on a journey of inspiration and entrepreneurial wisdom.