Human Behavior: What A Trip with Guest Robyn Jackson

Human Behavior – What A Trip

Jul 16 2013 • 56 mins

Today Dr. Jonathan Brower will be discussing Manners & Etiquette and their effects in our society with his guest Robyn Jackson Director of the Civility School. As the world changes and evolves there are some things that remain constant for progressive society that involves how we communicate with one another. Manners, Etiquette, and Diplomacy convey respect and garner respect which create a mutually beneficial relationships. Often, our first impressions are the lasting ones and it’s important we start with using our manners. Robyn is the director of The Civility School, which offers children, teens, and adults a unique combination of social skills training and modern etiquette instruction not found in other programs. Instead of only teaching rote rules of good manners, Robyn encourages participants to strengthen their powers of empathy, which allows them to understand their effect on others and to also become a more engaging peer, family member, and/or employee. This, combined with etiquette and social skills instruction, provides the participants with a broader and deeper set of skills, which is more easily transferrable to a variety of situations and cultures.