Human Behavior…What a Trip with guest Tim Kanter

Human Behavior – What A Trip

Aug 13 2013 • 56 mins

Today on Human Behavior…What a Trip, Jonathan will be interviewing Tim Kanter who will be discussing the healing power of humor and his life experiences. Tim Kanter, Co-Creative Director for Clean Up Comedy along with Jeremy Zeller has been writing, directing, performing on stage since 1993 and Jeremy having been performing comedy since high school. Tim Kanter and Jeremy have traveled across the country performing for children and adults who need a good laugh. They performed free shows at children's hospitals, youth homes and homeless shelters. Overall, they traveled over 3000 miles, through 8 states, at 14 different locations, for 100’s of men, women, and children looking to enlighten and inspire using humor. When not on the stage Tim can be found spending time with his wife Angela and his daughters Megan and Emma, training as a black belt in the martial art To Shin Do, attending bible college, serving at his church, or working at his business. Tim Kanter can be reached at