Personalizing the Customer Journey With Gen Furukawa of Prehook

eCommerce Profits Podcast

Jun 14 2022 • 29 mins

Gen Furukawa is the Co-founder of Prehook, an ecommerce company that helps Shopify merchants generate sales with quizzes and product recommendations. He has over 10 years of ecommerce experience, having worked in venture-backed SaaS companies.

Before co-founding Prehook, Gen was VP of Marketing at Jungle Scout, the leading software brand for Amazon sellers. He is also the host of an ecommerce marketing podcast, Cart Overflow, where he shares how top brand operators, agencies, and tech platforms are growing their ecommerce revenues.

In this episode…

Consumer trends are constantly adapting, so it’s essential for ecommerce brands to develop content that speaks to individual buying habits and optimizes the customer journey. With so many data points involved in dynamic personalization, how can you leverage consumer experiences to generate sales?

Prehook offers an accessible and innovative way to personalize the customer experience. Their interactive quizzes use zero-party data to mimic a retail store interaction, so your customers receive product recommendations that meet their needs. And with Prehook’s quiz funnels, you can create a compelling marketing campaign to drive revenue and scale your brand.

In this episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin joins Gen Furukawa, Co-founder of Prehook, to talk about optimizing the customer journey. Gen explains how Prehook uses zero-party data in their quizzes, how brands can use customer data in their marketing campaigns, and what you need to create a personalized ad experience.