Building a Successful eCommerce Brand With Andrew Sabbatino of PowerHouse

eCommerce Profits Podcast

Jun 21 2022 • 57 mins

Andrew Sabbatino works with PowerHouse, a company that helps entrepreneurs, businesses, and brand owners build, scale, and exit their companies. At the age of 11, Andrew got his start selling physical products by consigning his craft arrows to touristy gift shops in his area. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, he has been instrumental in building brands and has a long history in the ecommerce space.

Creating marketing campaigns for growing DTC ecommerce brands, he is head of the email and SMS division at PowerHouse Mastermind. Andrew is also the COO of Safe Life Defense, where he helped build the company from out of a garage to doing 50 million dollars a year over just five years.

In this episode…

Scaling your ecommerce brand can be overwhelming at any stage of the process. It requires implementing strategies such as marketing campaigns, content creation, promotions, and ensuring customer lifetime value with every new product or service. With so many factors involved in business growth, how can you determine the best approach?

Consider joining an ecommerce mastermind. These peer facilitating groups offer advice and best practices for profitable growth. Learn from other ecommerce brand owners about how to enhance your strategies and even build productive partnerships to cross-promote content. And with an established mastermind like PowerHouse, you can acquire the knowledge to achieve optimal success.

In today’s episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast, Joshua Chin sits down with Andrew Sabbatino to discuss the best methods for scaling an ecommerce business. Andrew talks about creating profitable ads and marketing campaigns to drive revenue, ensuring lifetime value when launching new products, and how ecommerce brands can join PowerHouse Mastermind.