Retaining Customers, Outperforming Competitors, and Building Brand Loyalty With Salena Knight

eCommerce Profits Podcast

Mar 7 2023 • 48 mins

Salena Knight is a retail strategist, consultant, and speaker specializing in helping independent retailers grow their sales and maximize profits. She is a former award-winning, multi-store retailer with over a decade of industry experience as a digital marketer and retail strategist. Through her consulting and training business, The Retail Academy, and her retail marketing agency, The Retail Strategists, Salena has helped build and scale profitable, sustainable, and highly sought-after retail enterprises across Australia and the US. She is also the host of the Bringing Business to Retail podcast.

In this episode…

Launching a retail business requires carefully considering factors, including products, profit margins and sales, competition, and customer demands. Learn how you can optimize your ecommerce business to build a thriving reputable brand.

Retail strategist Salena Knight has developed the five pillars of retail success: money, sales, customers, marketing, and impact. First, identify your profit margins to determine an ideal price range for your products to maximize sales and revenue. It’s also critical to enhance customer lifetime value (LTV) by developing personalized outreach and marketing strategies through email campaigns, interactive videos, and customized messages. Salena’s price ranges are higher than her competitors, yet she generates more sales and produces a greater impact by establishing brand loyalty and LTV.

Consultant and retail strategist Salena Knight joins Joshua Chin in today’s episode of the eCommerce Profits Podcast to discuss building a profitable retail brand. Salena also details conversion rate optimization strategies, the factors influencing LTV, and how to outperform competitors with your pricing.