Utalk EP07: What’s the Secret to Success in Crypto? Crypto Birb Joins Us to Discuss Uhive Token


Oct 13 2021 • 21 mins

Adrian Zduńczyk, better known as Crypto Birb, has over half a million followers across social networks and a crypto enterprise with partnerships ranging from Polka Dex to World Token and Chainge (not a typo), as well as being Business Insider and MSN's go-to-crypto-expert. Jay & Rob are joined by one of the world's biggest crypto influencers and analysts to discuss topics ranging from taking the power away from central governance (Mr Zuckerberg), how crypto is changing the world and how Uhive could potentially be a key component to this accomplishing this.

Download Uhive for; Android https://bit.ly/3ke62Oc iOS https://apple.co/3B1VrMy

Crypto Birb Links  https://www.thebirbnest.com/ https://yellowblock.io/