PDS #8

As more and more business turns to audio as another place to seek attention from there customers the opportunities for finding, and fostering a sponsorship relationship is a possibility. Now it is not my favorite way of creating revenue from a podcast, but it's a possibility especially if you are covering a very niche topic. Today I share some tips and overlooked and unexpected places you can look to find a potential sponsor for your show. Let me know if you need help finding a sponsor here in the facebook group!

Make sure that the sponsors you're going to get are people you want to be associated with long term.

-Luis Diaz

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3:15 Gentle reminder before finding a sponsor for your show

5:03 The one place you’ve overlooked in your quest to find a great sponsor for your show..?i

6:26 Unlocking the revenue streams with industry events trade shows, how to use them

6:35 Simple and practical tips to use before contacting a sponsor.

8:03 The third place you can spot a sponsor….?

9:30 How Amazon could help you find a sponsor?


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