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Crystal Kordalchuk, CEO of Virtually Untangled

Welcome to The Digital Glue Podcast! We think big and dream even bigger. And we never underestimate the power of a good idea. If that sounds like a lofty goal … it is. A decade ago, we founded Virtually Untangled with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with people. We are now providing small business owners, just like you, to own your story and share it with the world! Every Tuesday morning, we will be dropping a new episode that will help you think big and dream even bigger! #UntanglingForLife #DigitalGlue #VirtuallyUntangled

EP: 69 - Send in The Robots: How AI Makes Content Creation EasierEP: 68 - Is Your Content Calendar Running on Empty?
“Social media requires that business leaders start thinking like small-town shop owners. This means taking the long view and avoiding short-term benchmarks to gauge progress. It means allowing the personality, heart and soul of the people who run all levels of the business to show.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk Welcome to Episode 68:Is Your Content Calendar Running on Empty?I’m assuming if you’re listening to today’s “untangling” podcast episode because you’re branding is looking ready for the runway, your voice is utter perfection, and you’re feeling like an entrepreneur superstar who is ready to take your next steps in marketing-land with social media.Quite honestly, I’ve been hitting the pavement hard for many years finding all the right strategies and using my brand as the tried, tested and truth to #AllThings marketing. I’ve been working hard at figuring out the tools and strategies that help businesses, of all shapes and sizes, succeed with their brand, and am here today to share all that glorious hard-earned information with you.So, even if you’ve already hit launch and already took many careful steps into the land of social, don’t worry nothing is permanent. That’s the great thing about technology nowadays! Whether you’re new to social or a social veteran, you’ll find everything you need to know about getting your business social media ready right here.  Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...What questions to ask yourself about the lay of the landCreating a solid, organized social content calendar4 “untangling” content calendar tipsHow to get the most from your content collaborationsPlug n’ play content strategies Are you ready?Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!
May 3 2022
20 mins
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Mar 22 2022
14 mins
EP: 61 - How To Escape Your Inbox …
“The stress itself will kill you faster than the stressor will – unless you do something to complete the stress response cycle. While you’re managing the days’ stressors, your body is managing the day’s stress. It’s absolutely essential to your well-being that you give your body the resources it needs to complete the stress response cycles that have been activated.”  ~ Emily and Amelia Nagoski, Authors of ‘Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking The Stress Cycle’ Welcome to Episode 61: How To Escape Your Inbox …Are you feeling overwhelmed by your inbox? Are old emails just sitting there making you feel bad? Are you tired of wasting time searching for what you need? Are important emails slipping through the virtual cracks? Are you feeling frustrated and lost, wanting control over your inbox again? Truth bomb … This was me for a while.Backtracking to 5 years ago when I pushed VU from part-time to full-time, I felt as though I was constantly rejigging my inbox strategy looking for better ways to manage my email accounts (yes, unfortunately like most, I have multiple). I found all kinds of well-intentioned email advice and courses. However, all the advice I received just added up to a cohesive system that just didn't make sense. But I’m excited to share, that frustration is long gone, and our nerdy organizational ways have yet once again saved the day!So, today I am going to share with you just that … our tried, tested, and true tips that helped my team and I (and our amazing clients who we’ve helped with inbox stress as well) from being buried in virtual info and getting to "inbox zero".  Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...How (and why) to only touch each email onceHow to use properly use “search operators”How to stop repeating the same emailsWhy you should designate a “throwaway” inbox for spam Are you ready?Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!
Mar 15 2022
11 mins
EP: 60 - Let Me Out: Conquer Fear And Build Resilience
Mar 8 2022
14 mins
EP: 59 - Behind the Scenes: A Life of Organization
Mar 1 2022
14 mins
EP: 58 - It's Time To "Mind" Your Meetings …!
Feb 22 2022
10 mins
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"Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. Real bosses don’t let their emotions get in the way of business.”Welcome to Episode 54: How To Separate Emotions From BusinessManaging one’s emotions can mean the difference between flourishing and floundering. So, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur (because being on truly evokes all the emotions) it’s very important to learn to control your emotions, so your emotions don’t take control over you. With that in mind, have you actually ever wondered how many emotions a human can actually experience? Well, amazingly … it’s about 34,000!!!No wonder we sometimes experience issues recognizing and articulating them, especially when under all the pain point pressure owning a business creates! Let’s be honest … we live in an era where the hard earned “entrepreneur” title is paraded around like a badge of honor. And truthfully, it should be as this lifestyle (even though freeing) is tough as shit! So, as entrepreneurs we need to accept that there is a lot of things we can’t control. And that being me to the topic of today’s “untangling” episode!  Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...Why entrepreneurship isn’t sexyTop 7 emotions we as entrepreneurs feel intenselyA deep dive into each of the 7 (intense) emotionsHow to recognize and act professionally with your emotionsHow the pandemic is affecting entrepreneurs globally Are you ready?Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!
Jan 25 2022
16 mins
EP: 53 - The Skinny On Personal Development
“A comfort zone is nothing but a belief, a mere reflection of your thoughts. You desire something, better yet you fear change. Self-doubt will bind you there, belief is all you need.”Welcome to Episode 53:The Skinny On Personal Development  The importance of personal development can’t be overstated. It is truly the secret sauce that separates you from the rest of the pack. It is the bridge that carries you forward and towards your inspiring goals. No matter what your niche, as an entrepreneur you’re singularly focused on productivity and problem solving. You’re a hustler who works as hard as possible and as fast as possible for as long as you can -- hopefully without crashing and burning -- because the outside world perceives you as a Rockstar. We live in a culture of “I don’t need help; I can do it on my own” but in the end you’re only risking your emotional and physical well-being.  What I’m trying to get at here is that every single entrepreneur struggle with personal development. While juggling the day-to-day balancing act … [ where the f*ck is the sun? Am I right?!] … There’s just not enough time. So, my plea to you is to step outside your comfort zone and start engaging yourself in meaningful self-growth practices and expanding your mind through every learning opportunity you can get your hands on -- big or small.Because life begins at the end of your comfort zone …!  Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...Why professional development is an important mindset7 things you can make part of your everyday lifestyle5 courses you can take to get you to where you want to go Are you ready?Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!
Jan 18 2022
11 mins
EP 52 - Unlocking Your Hidden Creativity ...
“Creativity allows us to stretch our minds, do new and exciting things, and engage ourselves in a way that takes us one step closer to reaching our full potential.” Welcome to Episode 52:Unlocking Your Hidden Creativity ...I honestly do not know one creative person who isn’t doing multiple things or aspiring to do yet another. This is the true path to being a creative individual. Our minds never stop, even when we’re sleeping (or trying to fall asleep). As a creative individual I find I have a great deal of energy, both mental and physical. I can spend hours working on a single project, whether it be designing, painting, or DIYing. Doing these things holds my attention at a very deep level that nothing else truly does, while remaining enthusiastic about the next step, next brush stroke, and of course … next big idea! So, I guess you can call it what it is … I am a realistic daydreamer!I like to daydream and imagine all the possibilities and wonders of the world around me. I tend to immerse myself in imagination and fantasy, yet due to my design background, remain grounded in that which is real. And that’s how I found my style! And those around me tend to agree. I tend to be BOLD or ITALIC but never regular (haha, bit of graphic design humor). Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...Understanding me, your host, as a creativeWhy you don’t have to choose one path over anotherWhy -- as a creative -- you need a business planHow to write a business plan for a creative service businessWhat steps you’ll need to go from plan to action Are you ready?Pop in your awesome earbuds and let's dive in!
Jan 11 2022
20 mins
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