EP: 83 - 7 Productivity Strategies Backed By Science ...

The Digital Glue Podcast

Oct 18 2022 • 17 mins

“I believe anything is possible. I see opportunity when others see impossibility. I take risks. I am focused. I hustle. I know that nothing is unrealistic. I feel overwhelmingly loved. I embrace my childlike wonder and curiosity. I take flying leaps into the unknown. I contribute something bigger than myself. I create. I learn. I grow. I do. I believe it’s never too late to start living a dream. I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR.”

Welcome to Episode 83: 7 Productivity Strategies Backed By Science ...

I know I’ve been dropping loads of content the past few weeks on hustling and productivity, but it’s with good reason. During the last business quarter of the year, it’s not uncommon for productivity to take a nosedive.

The holiday season is creeping in quickly, you just got off summer vacation and are already thinking about all the year end holidays, with a fresh new year is right around the corner. You may even be dwelling on all the goals you set out for yourself this year that have yet to be accomplished and you’re starting to feel stressed, panicky, overwhelmed, maybe even a big of languish, and your productivity keeps nosediving as you’re not quite sure where to place yourself and when in order to do #AllTheThings so your left feeling accomplished going into another new year …

That being said, I’m here today to help save you from yourself with 7 (yes 7!) productivity strategies – backed by science – so you can end this year off right – and save your sanity while doing it.

Here's what we will be untangling in this episode ...

  • Project management
  • The art of list making
  • The siren calls of email
  • Time and technology (re: inbox detox)
  • How to learn the art of “untangling”
  • Renewing your faith … in yourself

Are you ready?
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