The Money with Katie Show

Morning Brew

Finance bros are out, #RichGirls are in. Join Money with Katie and her guests as they talk spending habits, smart investing, and tax strategies – without putting you to sleep. Listen weekly on Wednesdays to learn how to turn your Rich Girl mindset into money. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Money with Katie Show podcast simplifies complex financial topics for listeners. Morning Brew, the popular business newsletter company, produces the show. So listeners can expect an entertaining and amusing podcast on serious issues. The show offers information about money management and investing. With rising prices, many want to get money smart. Anyone who wants to learn about building income might find the podcast interesting.

Every Wednesday, Katie Gatti Tassin shares her insight into various personal finance topics. The self-made millennial woman gives solid knowledge and tips on the podcast. Sassy and brilliant, Katie provides invaluable financial wisdom on The Money with Katie Show.

On the podcast, Katie shares her personal finance journey, successful ventures, and hacks. The theme of the podcast revolves around saving and making money. While Katie is not a trained professional, she understands how to explain these goals. Katie also teams up with financial experts from different backgrounds on the podcast. The topics they discuss range from changes to the tax code to budgeting for a wedding. They provide insider knowledge on the stock market, real estate, and other finance-related topics.

On the debut episode of the show, Katie rants about renting versus home ownership. Some episodes on the podcast explain how to create wealth. Listeners looking for guidance on well-paying careers will also find valuable information here. For people who struggle with money management, this podcast offers solutions. Thanks to Katie and her knowledgeable guests, listeners leave episodes enlightened about money.

Katie's initial passing interest in personal finance grew into Matriarchal Financial. It's her company, and it wants to educate women about personal finance. Before starting the podcast, Katie blogged about money. She started The Money with Katie Show in 2021. Katie brings her "Rich Girl Mindset" to the podcast. But both future rich girls and rich boys can join Katie weekly as she talks about what she knows best.

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