BONUS: The SHEcession, Childcare, and Modern Motherhood in the US

The Money with Katie Show

May 8 2022 • 49 mins

...because who's more qualified to talk about the challenges of being a mother than someone without kids, right?! Right?! 3.5 million women were pushed out of the workforce in March 2020 because of caretaking challenges. Overnight, we dropped to 1988 levels of women’s workforce participation, which confirms the theory that there’s a causal relationship between childcare availability and affordability, and women’s workforce participation. Hear from your favorite childless woman (yours truly!) and a slew of Rich-Girls-Turned-Rich-Moms about how they've addressed these challenges in their own lives. One of the Rich Girls (Moms) who called in is also a personal finance writer: Ashley Feinstein Gerstley is the author of Financial Adulting, a guide that breaks down everything you need to be a financially confident and conscious adult. As a trusted money expert, she has appeared on or been quoted in The Financial Times, the TODAY Show, CNBC, Forbes, NBC, Glamour and the The New York Times. Ashley has worked in the financial services industry for over fifteen years: first as an investment banker, then in corporate finance, and most recently running The Fiscal Femme. She graduated with a bachelor's in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Follow along Instagram Twitter Blog