How to Buy Back Your Time: Outsourcing Tasks with Farnoosh Torabi

The Money with Katie Show

Apr 20 2022 • 47 mins

Today's episode is all about outsourcing, a topic around which my views have evolved over the years. (Read: As you get older and busier, you're less interested in "doing it all," apparently.) We discuss how to determine what's worth outsourcing in your life and how much to pay for it, as well as address some common objections. My guest today, Farnoosh Torabi, is an icon in the personal finance world (and a mother of 2!) and she's got some #hottakes on the value of her (and your) time. You can check out Farnoosh on CNET's So Money podcast. To learn more about the Money with Katie Retreat, head here. Resources Average time use per day of American men and women from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics "Even female breadwinners (the 29% of American women who out-earn their husbands) bear the brunt of household labor." "Even during a pandemic, gender gaps in sharing household responsibilities persist." FOLLOW ALONG Money with Katie Blog Money with Katie Instagram Money with Katie Twitter Sign up for the Newsletter! FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPTS AT HTTPS://PODCAST.MONEYWITHKATIE.COM