Investing in the Age of "Overvalued" Stocks & Homes with Nick Maggiulli

The Money with Katie Show

Apr 13 2022 • 34 mins

Today, my friend Nick Maggiulli (COO of Ritholtz Wealth Management & former data scientist, as well as author of Of Dollars & Data and his new book, Just Keep Buying) joined me to talk about something that’s been (justifiably) freaking me out a little bit lately. To boil it down to its most layman's terms is the government’s money printing the reason why stocks and homes are worth so much more now, and does that mean we’re headed for a crash?  More to the point: What the hell do we do about it? I think you’ll enjoy the little history lesson throwback (Kansas farmland in the 1970s, anyone?), the explanation of quantitative easing and expansionary monetary policy (I wish my Econ 101 professor could see my B+ self now), and—most importantly—the conversation I had with Nick about what we’re supposed to make of all this. Here's the Politico article referenced. Point of clarification: We reference the S&P 500's PE ratio (25 as of this recording) and Shiller PE ratio, or CAPE ratio (36 as of this recording), in this episode, and (somewhat confusingly) switch between the two in the conversation. Nick originally describes the CAPE ratio, and then I ask him his opinion of the current PE ratio. FOLLOW ALONG Money with Katie Blog Money with Katie Instagram Money with Katie Twitter Sign up for the Newsletter! FULL EPISODE TRANSCRIPTS AT HTTPS://PODCAST.MONEYWITHKATIE.COM