N°16 — General Seminar N°9 — Synthetic Brands / Synthetic Media

Near Future Laboratory Podcast

Oct 11 2021 • 33 mins

This is a special episode of the Near Future Laboratory Podcast — a highlight reel from our General Seminar N°9 — a discussion on Synthetic Brands / Synthetic Media. We are now nudging into a world in which algorithmically synthetic and computer-generated artificial entities will likely be participating, collaborating, and fully assuming roles up and down the culture stack  — from customer care bots to pop-stars and politicians. How do we make sense of all this?

General Seminar is a platform for sense-making through discussion.

One-to-many “expert” platforms like podcasts, TED Talks, and Masterclasses serve a role in the dissemination of ideas and opinions of a small group of experts. By their nature these are largely one-way, where ideas flow to a mostly passive audience who still must make sense of the topic on their own.

General Seminar provides an alternative. Sign up to be notified of future General Seminar sessions.

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