Helping the SaaS Industry Grow Better, Faster, Safer with Andrew Davies, CMO at Paddle

The Fintech Marketers and Leaders Podcast

Oct 2 2023 • 41 mins

In the latest episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders Podcast, host Shameer Sachdev sits down with Chief Marketing Officer at Paddle. Founded in 2012, Paddle takes a “do it for you” approach to handling billing, payments, invoicing, tax and compliance for over 5000 software companies and has since raised $200m at a $1.4bn valuation and acquired subscription metrics firm ProfitWell.

Andrew’s significant experience shaping fast-growing B2B tech businesses, having co-founded B2B personalisation platform Idio - acquired by Insight Partners in 2019 - and serving as VP of Corporate Marketing at digital experience tool Optimizel makes this episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders Podcast particularly insightful.

Join Shameer and Andrew as they dive into:
👉The power of data for fintechs

👉The importance of understanding your target market

👉Conducting quality market research

👉Building a pipeline that serves your sales team
👉Sales led vs sales and product led strategies

👉Having a varied range of content in your strategy

👉How to get results and feedback that matters

👉Frictionless selling

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