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Charlene Ridley | Ep. 19 | Casually Profound
Apr 12 2023
Charlene Ridley | Ep. 19 | Casually Profound
In this episode, my conversation partner is Charlene Ridley. I could tell you what we talked about but what if we let something else summarize our conversation? I asked ChatGPT to summarize our conversation and here's what it came up with (the first few bullet points are especially true): Charlene Ridley is described as an encourager and a cheerleader who loves love.Her positive qualities have been a part of her throughout her life, stemming from a difficult home life as a child.Charlene is known for bringing light to spaces and creating safe environments for people.Her personality and spirit have been compared to sunshine and love.The speaker is discussing the importance of smiling and allowing others to smile without judgment.They mention a girl who stopped smiling because someone told her she smiled too loudly, and how it took her three years to start smiling again.The speaker believes that adults have a responsibility to create a safe space for children to express themselves, even through something as simple as a smile.They question why people feel suspicious of or uncomfortable with smiling.The speaker discusses intentional goal-setting as a way to hold space for oneself and encourage positive energy.They also mention talking to oneself to set intentions for the day and modeling this behavior for their child.     The speaker has a vision which comprises of three parts: purpose, mission and values.Purpose is viewed as the largest 'why', mission is the 'what' that will contribute to the purpose, while values are the 'how' to live that will enable the realization of the mission.The speaker's purpose is 'Moksha', meaning freedom or liberation for all, in which he wants people to be free to be themselves and embody love beyond their physical and mental dimensions.The mission is to inspire others to rediscover balance, in which the speaker wants to inspire others to find the center point of balance, which is groundedness within.The speaker has some values that he lives by, such as truth, love, joy, freedom, balance, and growth.The speaker believes that people are searching for freedom in many ways but they don't even realize that it is freedom that they really want. People seek money because they believe it will increase their options and give them freedom, but if they discover the freedom that they already have, they don't need to have all the money to feel free. It's important to simplify or expand on messages to ensure they are understood.Communication is like a game of telephone, and it's easy for messages to get distorted over time.Crafting messages requires putting ego aside and thinking about the impact on others.Legacy was discussed in a podcast called 150 airplane, where the host spoke about thinking in longer time periods.The purpose we have should fit into a larger purpose that benefits humanity.The host wants to be someone who thinks in longer time horizons to have a larger impact.     --- If you want to understand who I am, who I'm becoming, how I live my ideal life, what I'm pondering, what my ultimate purposes and missions are, and anything in between, listening to this podcast is definitely one of the best ways to understand that. Please make sure to like, comment, subscribe, follow and share with your social circles if you found this episode valuable. You can also visit my website at to continue to get an even more complete picture of who I am now and who I'm becoming. I also always welcome feedback so please feel free to reach out to me directly at Be as direct as you want as I aim to always understand the message and where the messenger is coming from.