[Episode 9] Season 8, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, "Honor"


Feb 24 2018 • 1 hr 9 mins

WE ARE BACK after a LONG, mid-season hiatus... Long enough to finally be able to confront the death of #CarlGrimes #RIPCarl Subscribe to our #YouTube channel! We only need 80 more Subscribers to change our URL to something prettier than www.youtube.com/channel/UCa6PMRa1C52wCE5PVhXT6Qg * Dragging out Carl's demise throughout the episode (with some heavy acting/dialogue) * The importance of Carl's parting notes * characters that are allowed long, "goodbye" episodes and #JudithGrimes as the promise for a better future * Extreme Flashforwards finally revealed: will it still happen? * Carl's departure paves the way for #DarylDixon to be a better character * Like the #Negan, hate #TheSaviors: How Negan will come around (and why it'll be messy) * "May My Mercy Prevail Over My Wrath" We are not caught up to the lesser Flashforward (and why we should be concerned) * The ping-pong, repeating theme of confronting redemption * A Requiem for Gavin: the path to hell is paved with an endless string of small compromises * Is #MorganJones finally through "clearing"? His matriculation into the adjacent world of #FearTheWalkingDead * "Naked Walker": Why announce it? But, also, why is it a big deal? * Why were we hit harder when #GlennRhee died than Carl? Either way, why no send-off will ever be good enough * Big things will happen with Oceanside & Trash Hipsters/Junkyard Gang/#GarbagePeople * How Carl's death moves Negan: "Is this who you wanted to be?" and his elite eventually disappointing him --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/squawkingdead/message

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