21. A Gadol in Disguise: The Wisdom & Warmth of Rav Shlomo Wahrman zt"l - Feat. Rabbi Eli Slomnicki

Shu"T First, Ask Questions Later

Jan 30 2024 • 37 mins

How many people can say that their high school rebbe was a gadol b'Torah (first-rate Torah scholar)? This was the case in HANC (Hebrew Academy of Nassau County) in which our guest, R. Eli Slomnicki - who now serves as the principal of the upper school - had the privilege of learning under Rav Shlomo Wahrman zt"l for many years. In this episode, we learn a piece he published on women reciting Kaddish (She'aris Yosef 2:60) and unpack the essence of this hidden gem of a scholar.