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339. Pastor Kelly Cotterell - The Vision EXPANDING 2023 “Building & Advancing”
Feb 12 2023
339. Pastor Kelly Cotterell - The Vision EXPANDING 2023 “Building & Advancing”
Title: The Vision EXPANDING 2023 “Building & Advancing” Message: Pastror Kelly Cotterell What a year of Wonder is ahead of us as we enter it with Anticipation, Faith & Hope. The blue print from God for WCC will enable us to be fully equipped throughout the entire year. Build the Kingdom, Advance & take territory!! You may be asking, What does that mean? How will this be accomplished? It will look & be different for each of us, but none of us will be alone, the Lord is with us individually & corporately, leading us one step at a time as we go through each day of 2023. Pastor Kelly will kick off the year & share with you the clear instructions given to The Leadership Team of how we will build & advance this beautiful kingdom together. A word of exhortation! Read, listen to & study the books of Nehemiah & Ephesians throughout the year as we learn together from the Holy scriptures how to Trust God & obey His voice in all we do. You may have been a Christian for a long time, or you may be exploring the possibility of a relationship with God. Wherever you are in your journey of life, Please feel free to contact us at Woolwich Community Church if you would like any further information on todays message. We would be happy to talk with you, pray with you & help you in anyway we can. Please see the information below of how to get in touch. Contact us: Web: FB: Woolwich Community Church TW: @WoolwichCChurch Insta: WoolwichCChurchContact us:Web: www.woolwichcchurch.orgFB: Woolwich Community Church TW: @WoolwichCChurch Insta: WoolwichCChurch