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Laura Escudé on live looping, music design and mental health
Aug 30 2023
Laura Escudé on live looping, music design and mental health
Laura Escudé is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who also just happens to be one of Ableton’s very first certified trainers. These days, she’s known for her unique and cinematic live performances, utilizing electronic looping and violin in a live show experience all her own. She’s known to many in the industry as the “queen of the nerds,” and her love of gear has unlocked a whirlwind of opportunities for her career-wise, including an opening DJ slot for Miguel, and several years touring with Kanye West as his music designer. In this episode, Marilyn chats with Laura about balancing personal artistic expression with big-name industry opportunities, as well as why taking breaks in your career is extremely important for your mental health. Laura is a total inspiration to the women out there who aren't afraid embrace their love and knowledge of music tech in a historically male-dominated space.   Produced by Marilyn Moser and Petra Jarrar Filmed at Grove House Studios in Los Angeles, CA Theme music by Gloria Tells, courtesy of Epidemic Sound   The Buy My Merch Podcast is the music industry podcast you’ve been looking for. In each episode, host and HEADS on TV founder Marilyn Moser invites a new guest on to share their insight into what it takes to “make it” in the modern music industry. Whether it’s selling merch out of the trunk of a car, or playing shows to empty venues—these are the real stories behind the artists who never gave up. a HEADS on TV production