Clarity to the Communication w/ Robin Landa

Works In Process w/ George Garrastegui, Jr.

Aug 25 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

Robin Landa is a Distinguished Professor at the Michael Graves College at Kean University. She has written twenty-three books about creativity, graphic design, advertising design, branding, and drawing, including Nimble: Thinking Creatively in The Digital Age, Graphic Design Solutions, 6th ed., Designing Brand Experiences, and Advertising by Design, 4th ed. She is now working on a new book aimed at business professionals for Routledge. And she is working on a book proposal with Rich Tu, VP of Design at MTV and Viacom.

She is also a Co-Chair on the governance board of Design Incubation, a design research and practice organization.

We chat about how she started her career as a writer—and what routines she has created to be "non-negotiable" to maintain her output. She also shares her passion for teaching and giving back to the next generation. I hope you can find something that works for you, enjoy!


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A podcast series by George Garrastegui, Jr. — designer, educator, and creative catalyst. Works In Process is a collection of discussions that exploring and demystify the creative process. I interview individuals to gain more insight into the ways they work and the projects they produce.