Should we Worry about Swarm Robotics (Or simply rebrand as Flocking Robots?)

Living With AI Podcast: Challenges of Living with Artificial Intelligence

Mar 31 2021 • 1 hr 3 mins

00:20 Alan Chamberlain
00:32 Richard Hyde

00:45Sean Riley

01:05 AI Jobs (BBC)
10:29 "Ey up mi duck y'alright?" = "Hello friend how are you?" (BBC)
10:55 Code-Switching (BBC)

13:20Sabine Hauert
14:15 A Moment of Convergence Termites Film (YouTube)
14:25 Kilobot (Harvard)
14:50 Black Mirror "Hated in the Nation" (Wikipedia)
26:10 Big Hero Six (Wikipedia)
39:55 Michael Crichton (Wikipedia)
48:55 MIT Fibre Bots (thenewstack)
59:20 ExoBuilding

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