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This podcast is for Healthcare Providers & Pharma Manufacturers who are looking for powerful & efficient HealthTech solutions to help solve the industry's outdated systems. Follow us as we interview colleagues who are actively working to change the healthcare industry into a transparent space.

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HealthTech Perspectives Pt1: The Physician Experience
Feb 12 2024
HealthTech Perspectives Pt1: The Physician Experience
Welcome to HealthTech Check Up--the innovative podcast series brought to you by careviso! In our inaugural mini-series, HealthTech Perspectives, we delve into the trending topic of the Physician Experience.We talk through the challenges Physicians face in navigating the complexities of various health insurance plans, leading to frustrations and limitations in delivering an ideal patient experience. The conversation touches upon the erosion of the art of medicine due to rigid protocols and care pathways, emphasizing the need for personalized, human-centered care.We also explore:the impact of prior authorizationsthe struggle for physicians to find time for thoughtful analysis, and the potential solutions, including technology tools, legislative changes, and collaborative efforts to ease the burden on physiciansthe broader healthcare landscape, touching on the experiences of pharmaceutical manufacturers and the importance of bringing transparency to costs for services like MRIsThe episode concludes with a glimpse into future episodes, promising discussions on various perspectives within the healthcare ecosystem. We will explore the efforts being made to improve the system, fostering collaboration to make healthcare more accessible, transparent, and patient-centered.Tune in to "Health Tech Checkup" and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of healthcare from different perspectives!Follow us on LinkedIn at