Episode 7 The Discipline of Joy!

Hello Beloved

Jun 6 2022 • 25 mins

Hello Beloved This episode we will explore the discipline of joy!  Who would’ve thought of joy as a discipline?  Well the Lord has much to say about it. We will be reading from Philippians chapter 4.4-13.

Nehemiah 8.10 the joy of the Lord is my strength

The Lord wants to enlighten us about one of His emotions. Joy. It is not a season but a way of living. It is not necessarily the absence of suffering it is the presence of God.  It is to delight, to be glad. A feeling a great pleasure and happiness. It is something that God placed inside every child of God. You Beloved, his child, a disciple of Jesus Christ. open your heart and hear the Lord’s heart and love for you. Get your bible and your notepad.  Let's explore the mind of God in His word.

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