57: Victory City - Salman Rushdie (with Puja Guha)

Writers Who Read

Apr 28 2024 • 44 mins

Author Puja Guha joins Whitney Pinion, Mira Landry, and Gary McBride to talk about Victory City by Salman Rushdie, which is Writers Who Read book number 57. Discussion slides for this novel and all novels discussed are available at WritersWhoRead.com. More information about Literary Forensics is available here and here.

In every episode we analyze and discuss one novel that has been published within the past 18-24 months. We do this because we are writers who read with intent–we read to study content and form and to uncover techniques that we can apply to our own writing.We read like writers, turning our favorite authors into our writing teachers.

We do this through Literary Forensics, a set of tools that allow us to look beyond the surface of plot points, down into the tapestry of themes, contexts, and symbols that hold the very intentions of the author.

We uncover why they wrote this novel and how they did it.

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