A Glimpse Into Jake Hall and Chris Luecke's Journey To Success

The Manufacturing Come Up

Dec 14 2022 • 25 mins

Join Chris Luecke, Jake Hall, and Host Malachi Greb at the A3 - Association for Advancing Automation Vision Show!

🔹 Jake Hall is the Manufacturing Millennial! He has over a decade of experience working with systems integrators and manufacturers. He understands the importance of advocating industry 4.0, digital technology, robotics and automation solutions. With Jake's personal brand, he has gained over 50,000+ followers and 50 million views on social media.

🔹 Chris Leucke is the host of Manufacturing Happy Hour. Chris helps turn marketing expenses into marketing investments! He has a lot of knowledge to give; check out his podcast! He has over 100 episodes!

In this episode, you can find out:

✔️ How Chris started his podcast and how it took off

✔️ How Jake became “The Manufacturing Millennial,” the purpose for his personal brand, and what the growth looked like for him in the beginning & the advice they have to give if you’re looking to take a similar path

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