Out and a-BOUT: Back tracking the founding of Edge Factor with Jeremy Bout

The Manufacturing Come Up

Nov 16 2022 • 52 mins

When he graduated from high school, Edge Factor founder and president Jeremy Bout didn’t know what he wanted to do. His uncle had just bought a 5-axis CNC machine and invited Jeremy to help him get it running. Together, they quickly realized that operating this level of technology required serious STEM and creative problem-solving skills!

What’s a CNC Machine?

As Jeremy manufactured parts for use in aerospace, automotive and the healthcare industry, he spoke excitedly to his friends about the technology he was using and the projects he was working on. His enthusiasm was met with blank stares: “What’s a CNC machine? What do you mean you’re ‘pushing the limits of your cutting tools?’”

Jeremy understood that someone had to do something BIG to raise awareness and change people’s perceptions of manufacturing. It was then that he decided to merge his love for making things with his passion for media and storytelling, and he built an award-winning team who turned the cameras back on the people and coworkers that he knew and respected in the manufacturing industry.

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