Ann Wyatt: Expert Insights on the Job Market | Manufacturing Come Up 17

The Manufacturing Come Up

Jan 18 2023 • 1 hr 15 mins

Ann's passion is helping innovative and progressive industrial Small-Medium Enterprises and Solutions Providers in accessing top leading technical talent within an increasingly decentralized market. Achieving her goal relies on blending emerging digital capabilities with a highly personable customer user experience, resulting in bridging the talent gap and building stronger company cultures and communities.

In her personal time, she advocate for:

⚫️ Creative Workforce Development Initiatives

⚫️ Technical and Interpersonal Skillsets Facing the Future of Work

⚫️ Continuous Improvement of Company Culture

⚫️ Advancement of All Things Industry 4.0

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Elite Automation specializes in robot cells with vision, line tracking, and other advanced features. Our primary business model is focused on capital projects. Our projects can include just about any automated system. We also provide services such as plc, robot, vision programming, troubleshooting, panel building, electrical engineering, etc.

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