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Even in the fire,  He is with you, a Faun Collett Interview Part IIISet Free a Paul G. Ybarra InterviewTopic show: Transgender with Joel ThorntonA Damascus Road Experience of LOVE a Lori Garner InterviewIt's all about LOVE a Faun Collett Interview Part 2Identity and our Inheritance (5)The Dog Whisperer a Faun Collett Interview (Part 1)Identity and our Inheritance (4)Letters from Home a Meg Glesener Interview
Host: Kevin James Guest: Meg Glesener Location: ecamm Interview Title:  Letters from Home a Meg Glesener Interview Show#: TMBE048 Record Date: 12/08/2020     Release Date: 12/20/2020 Info:  She is a Seattle, Washington, mother of 8, grandmother of 3, wife to 1, for 30 years- seeking to capture the heartbeat of the fantastic everyday people that inspire her to love her Lord & community deeper and sharing that with the world. Through her podcast “Letters from Home.” She is a •Host •Editor • Producer •Publisher • Speaker She was named Podcast Magazine, May 2020 Top 50 Mom Podcasters, August 2020 Under The Radar Podcasts that should be listened to. About her podcast: “Letters from Home” Everyday Extraordinary Faith Stories This is what Meg says about her podcast “Letters from Home.” Life is hard, and on most days, our faith needs a boost. “Letters from Home” Podcast will bring a new real faith story, every other week, from people who love Jesus, of all ages & demographics. As you hear their hearts, you will listen to their dreams, failures, pain, struggles, life changing encounters, and extraordinary moments. You will leave each episode encouraged and inspired to love our God and our world more deeply. II Cor. 3:3...we are not alone. Guest Contact Information: EMAIL:   HTTPS://LETTERSFROMHOMEPODCAST.COM/CONTACT/ WEBSITE:  HTTPS://LETTERSFROMHOMEPODCAST.COM PODCAST:  HTTPS://LETTERSFROMHOMEPODCAST.COM/EPISODES/ FACEBOOK: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LETTERSFROMHOMEPODCAST INSTAGRAM:  WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/LETTERSFROMHOMEPODCAST The Millennium Beat Contact Info:  TWITTER ~ FACEBOOK ~ INSTAGRAM ~ WEBSITE Call us with your stories at (407) 624-9957 or e-Mail us at Stories@TheMillenniumBeat.com #TheMillenniumBeat
Dec 20 2020
40 mins
Identity and our Inheritance (3)A testimony that tells the story of overcoming, forgiveness,  and God's Grace​Identity and our Inheritance (2)It is time to JUST BELIEVEIdentity and our Inheritance (1)It is not your fault a Sherry Jones InterviewIt is time to make a Decision a Jerry West InterviewA panel talks about COVID-19 and the electionsAre you feeling hopeless?Are you frustrated with the religious system?God's promises are more incredible than our plans